Donna’s sophisticated coaching offers a powerful combination of emotional, intellectual and energetic tools. I wanted to work with Donna because of her varied experiences with personal growth and healing as a lightworker, corporate senior manager and intellectual student of Integral theory. She has a warm and caring personality. Also I respect that she is rigorous and committed to excellence, seeking to help her clients grow and express the best in themselves. It is very convenient to talk with her from anywhere via online video chat.

I initiated coaching with Donna to prepare for a significant life transition: Starting a new job. First I took an online assessment, which produced a written Energy Leadership Report. Donna interpreted the report for my situation, and compassionately provided valuable insights about how I have been getting stuck. She suggested new perspectives and ways to make different choices that will serve me better.

In Donna’s style of coaching, she does a great job of balancing being a sensitive listener with adding valuable fresh point of view. She provides targeted feedback on the energy of how the client is moving through life. Some coaches prefer to avoid giving any advice… while I am all for growing my skills, unfortunately that approach makes me feel that the coach is not really contributing to the dialogue.

Donna helped me clarify my vision for the next chapter of my life. She held space and listened carefully to both my excitement and concerns about this big transition. Our work together strengthened my foundation to help set me up for success.

Lisa Levitt

I have been a light body worker for many years and was very used to shifting my energy to change a situation, but since I retired, I was feeling stuck.  Though my life was working, I had a very low level of energy. Donna suggested I take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment.  It was very complementary to my work with energy.  I felt like we were talking the same language as we discussed my energy profile.  Donna helped me find the appropriate energy for me to work with to get me moving again.  Her insights and positive encouragement revitalized me.  She is clear and practical, and we were able to discuss how to bring the higher energies I work with into my everyday physical life.  I love her personalized and loving approach.  I really feel like we are working together to explore ideas to enrich my life.

Candi Hart

Before meeting Donna, I had no idea I needed an energy coach. I thought that my lack of energy and constant tiredness were the results of my many hours spent working.

Then I met Donna. And she made me find out and understand so many things about me that I have never taken into consideration before. Working with Donna changed me on so many levels…completely shifted my perspective, changed my emotional response to things that bothered me before, taught me to enjoy every single minute and fill it with positive energy.

Now, I look back and wonder how my life would be today if I haven’t met Donna and this help me see what a Godsend gift she is for me!

Eliza PiticariGraphic Designer, Owner - Friendly Label

When I started working with Donna, I was faced with a problem that many people would love to have – incredibly fast growth at my company that was demanding my attention and energy. I especially appreciate Donna’s wisdom and her ability to pick up on the undercurrents of what was happening; very few people who can do that well. Her insight and inquiry have opened new areas of exploration into ways I can continue to think differently about my business and my life, so that new levels of business success result in a better quality of life for me and my family.

Sabastian Enges

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Donna Dyer, who as an energy coach has brought so much clarity into my life. When she asked me to take the Energy Leadership Assessment, I was admittedly skeptical. However, during our one-on-one debriefing, Donna was able to accurately point out certain core behavioral patterns of mine, how I operate under normal situations and how I react under stress. More importantly, Donna coached me on how I could change my energy level so that I would be able to think clearly and react more positively in times of stress. With her guidance, I am making changes in my every day life that have positively impacted my energy level. The idea that I could change my “default” patterns was eye opening. I always thought that I was who I was. I am now convinced that patterns are made and can also be changed for personal growth. Donna has been instrumental in allowing me to see myself more clearly, and for this I am truly thankful.

Tina Om

I’m not perfect by any standards, but I’m definitely what I would consider balanced. So when I met Coach Donna, I already knew what I wanted out of my life and was in the process of fulfilling those ambitions. However, I believe that growth in the understanding of ourselves must be constant, thus I am always open to undergo something new that will (God willing) give me a greater edge in advancing my career, but also a more insightful vantage point as to my overall purpose in life. We would talk for an hour each week, and because I don’t believe that all things can be handled in a day, let alone an hour, (or for that matter need to be) we would shift gears quite often.

Coach Donna was always willing to “meet me” wherever I needed to be. There was never any agenda or the sense that she was trying to “fix” me. She would allow me the space to roam and even to vent, creating a safe haven for me to exist in my authenticity without judgment, which quickly fostered a deep trust. The pivotal moment arrived in our journey together however, when Coach Donna basically gave me the challenge to begin to stretch toward a more optimal version of myself each week. This was a new idea for me as I thought some things in life just happen through the process, not realizing that everyday I could in fact will that process and thus that optimal version of myself into existence. By accepting this very intuitive and genius challenge from coach Donna it has opened up a world of possibility that I never imagined possible.

Henry JonesEx-EPC, Owner -I.C.Wonders, Founder-National We Discuss Day