Imagine if you were more aware, confident, consistent, connected to yourself & others….


Course starting March 27


And had access to systematic repeatable approach to wellbeing…

Designed to provide the framework and support for you to break through to what’s next, this eight-week course combines guided meditations, weekly assignments to apply what you are learning into your life, journaling questions to go deeper and weekly group coaching to explore how to transform your core energy moment by moment.

You will develop the ability to sense the unseen energy around you, stop responding to negative energy and become more intuitive. You will uncover and clear energy blocks that have been in your way and use a new approach to designing your life. This course uses a step-by-step process to open your intuitive abilities and awaken your higher centers, increase your awareness of subtle energies and learn how to work with them to understand and transform the energy around you. Explore how to create the reality you want by working with energy and applying what you learn in your everyday life.

This course is based on the work of Sanaya Roman and includes guided meditations by Orin. Combined with the COR.E dynamics coaching framework, we will take the energy work into your life to assist you in making more conscious choices that profoundly impact your wellbeing.

To attain your highest levels of personal life performance and potential, you need to not only be engaged and be a self-leader, you must also feel you are experiencing wellbeing in all areas of life that are important to you (health, career, relationships, money, etc.). Learn how to access wellbeing as an optimal state of mind, which allows you to:

sensing energy

This class is designed to fit into your busy schedule, providing both the flexibility and structure you need to move forward. Weekly teleclasses will be held Wednesday evenings from 5-6 pm Pacific and will be recorded.