Ignition! How To Be The Driving Force Of Your Own Life

Do you remember what it was like to first learn to drive?

Basic acceleration and braking were somewhat easy, assuming you weren’t learning to drive a stick-shift — that took a little longer. While it required a little practice to execute smoother starts and smoother stops, things did even out naturally.

What about parallel parking? Driving on ice? Navigating a tight parking garage? There are many new driving experiences that we continue to master along the way. And even once mastered, we need to pay attention to the road.

My daughter just started her journey into driving and I couldn’t help but see the parallels that we all face as we learn to navigate new levels of awareness and notice that no matter where you might be on your journey into consciousness, every one of us continues to bump into new terrain that we learn to navigate… (Read more)

What Do You Really Want?

One of the simplest and most profound things I’ve learned in the last year is how to slow down, check in with myself, and identify what I really want. Sounds easy, right? Well, for me, it has required practice. It has required noticing all the moments where I get to choose. And realizing all the moments where I actually defer even considering what I actually want. What do you really want? In this article, I share a little story about how consciously choosing shows up in little, everyday decisions.

7 levels of resistance

The Seven Levels of Resilience

Resilience: The ability to recover from setbacks and the confidence of knowing that you can handle anything and everything that comes your way. I’m excited to share this presentation I did for my son’s school. In it, I take a look at the seven levels of resiliency, which directly relate to how we are managing our energy at any given time. How do you become more resilient? Take a look and let me know what you think!

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New course: Personal Power through Awareness – Starting March 27

personal power through awareness - SENSING ENERGYOne of the things I have always appreciated is having a framework and support system in place to keep me inspired and challenged to grow. Sometimes I just need the little nudge or new perspective to move forward. With that in mind, I’m so excited to offer a new course that provides just that: Personal Power Through Awareness. It starts March 27th.

Here’s the link for more information and to register!

This course is designed to fit into your busy schedule, providing both the flexibility and structure you need to move forward with the things that are important to you. I hope you will join me!

Just My Bouncing Off Place

How Being Knocked Off Balance Can Be Fun After All…


The other day in a rush to get the kids to school, I found myself upset that there was so much stress around getting my daughter to class on time yet a reluctance for her to finish getting ready so we could get out the door. I snapped at the kids to hurry up and the ride to school was not as lighthearted as usual. It certainly wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day.

But it happened.

We all get knocked off balance from time to time. One of the practices that has made the most profound difference in my life is to look for those moments of frustration and times I feel trapped by circumstances. As soon as I realize I am in that place, I try to make a game out of it. I call the game “My bouncing off place.”

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Kaleidoscope Insight

I love kaleidoscopes, a simple toy fitted with mirrors and a few odds and ends that when you turn it in the light, creates an infinite number of beautiful perspectives.

The beauty of a kaleidoscope is not in the amazing image that is created in the moment – it is that as soon as that kaleidoscopic wonder disappears, another amazing image will form in its place. Followed by another and another, for as long as you want to play. Read more

Making the Existing Model Obsolete

I don’t know about you, but I get energized and motivated by reaching beyond where I can currently see. I find this place in my reflection time and meditation and look for opportunities to step into these spaces when I can.

I admit that my default mode is playing it safe. I work with a coach to step into new spaces when I find myself holding back, afraid of feeling uncomfortable – especially when I feel that push/pull tugging in my heart that something is important. Read more