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My work is born out of a life-long passion for energy. Energy for life. For conscious growth and movement forward.

My passion project is helping lighworkers expand to hold more light and you can find it at Lightworker Essentials.

Every single one of us is a leader. Either by choice or by default. The question is: HOW WILL YOU LEAD?

Top Posts

  • Ignition! How To Be The Driving Force Of Your Own LifeJune 20, 2017 - 3:09 am

    Do you remember what it was like to first learn to drive? Basic acceleration and braking were somewhat easy, assuming you weren’t learning to drive a stick-shift — that took a little longer. While it required a little practice to execute smoother starts and smoother stops, things did even out naturally. What about parallel parking? […]

  • What Do You Really Want?May 27, 2016 - 9:21 pm

    One of the simplest and most profound things I’ve learned in the last year is how to slow down, check in with myself, and identify what I really want. Sounds easy, right? Well, for me, it has required practice. It has required noticing all the moments where I get to choose. And realizing all the […]

  • 7 levels of resistanceThe Seven Levels of ResilienceFebruary 29, 2016 - 7:53 am

    Resilience: The ability to recover from setbacks and the confidence of knowing that you can handle anything and everything that comes your way. I’m excited to share this presentation I did for my son’s school. In it, I take a look at the seven levels of resiliency, which directly relate to how we are managing […]

Your Personal Vibrational Roadmap


You Are Ready…

  • Release the stress and constant overwhelm from life pulling in too many different directions.

  • Step into something bigger than you ever have before and finally make the impact you want to make in business and at home.

  • End the frustration, conflict and mediocrity in your relationships and open up deeper, more fulfilling connections.

  • Get more done with less stress in less time to have more personal freedom and joy life more.

About me

I am an energy junkie – an explorer with a strong practical streak, dedicated to applying and growing consciousness through everyday life. I have focused my passion and attention on Lightworker Essentials, where I help lightworkers find their voice and step into the full expression of who they are.

As a personal energy coach, I use a powerful framework to enable people who are being called to something bigger to embrace that calling head on.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked as a coach and consultant in various leadership capacities and am thrilled to bring it all together with my passion for how energy works in our lives. As the founder of Lightworker Essentials, a certified Core Energy Coach, Master Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, COR.E Wellbeing and Leadership Specialist, Reiki Master and Light Body Teacher, I partner with lightworkers who are ready to grow into what is next for them as they tap into higher consciousness, explore subtle energy and engage in the process of bringing new awareness into the nitty gritty of their lives.

I nurture, celebrate, challenge, inspire and play with my clients along their own unique conscious journey.

If you would like to explore what we can create together, let’s connect!

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